Lemon Verbana Tea Leaves

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Lemon Verbana Tea Leaves

One of the most celebrated herbs for combating obesity and burning cellulite.

It is recommended to drink 1 cup of Verbana tea about 20 minutes before every meal for 1-2 months. Combined with the correct diet, it will help you regulate your weight.

Other benefits of Lemon Verbana

  • diuretic
  • detoxifying
  • antipyretic
  • anti-diarrhoeal
  • powerful anti-oxidant
  • stimulant
  • combats bad breath


Should be avoided by those with low blood pressure due to strong diuretic effects. 

Recommend Recipes and Uses

Lemon Verbena is a unique herb that does not lose its flavour during cooking. It can be used wherever you use lemon, as well as combined with lemon for a more intense flavour. Sweet and lemon-like in fragrance, it’s often used to add flavour to white meat sauces as well as both fruit and green salads.

Preparation of Lemon Verbena Tea

Heat up a cup of water, until it has boiled. Remove it from heat and steep 5 leaves of Lemon Verbena. Steep for approximately 7-10 minutes in Tesserae  then is ready to drink.

Best to be drunk without milk or sugar, but always drink to your own taste buds for an enjoyable experience.